My Work

I believe that in order to do my best in my job I have to ensure that I stay up-to-date on current trends topics regarding education today. To gain the trust of Solent's staff, I have to let them know that I do understand the types of barriers and constraints that they're likely to come across and be able to suggest some solutions. I am also a big fan of technology and 'cool gadgets' and like to see them in educational-action!

Presenting at Mahara UK 2010
Presenting at Moodle & Mahara Moot 2014, Germany

External Presentations

Mahara and Moodle Sitting in a Tree

Moodle & Turnitin - joint presentation with Julian Ridden

Oxford Brookes' Mahara Event
Brockenhurst College's 'Next Steps' Event
Mahara UK 2013

Teacher-led uses of mahara for assessment and feedback

Planning & Devloping Activities Online

Weaving Employability into the Curriculumn using ePortfolios

Presentation of online career and PDP support materials for students currently at Solent - hosted by Solent Uni for the Conference for Career Advisers

Presented: 'Addressing Employability: making the interoperable integrated' (

Demonstration of Mahara ePortfolios & implementation at Solent Uni

Update on Mahara Implementation at Solent (Hants and IOW Moodle Forum) hosted by Havant College

Exemplar Case Study - ePortfolios at Solent (Mahara UK 2010)

'Solent's Mahara Honeymoon' (MoodleMoot 2010 at Senate House)

PDP and ePortfolios (‘Moodle Fest’ JISC-RSC SE) hosted by Goldalming College


Designing & developing online courses

I have been using Moodle since 2006, initially as a teacher, and feel very confident with using it to build learning objects and activities that support teaching and learning in Higher Education. I jointly deliver a blended learning training workshop in Online Teaching with my colleague Andrew Doig. This course is aimed at businesses and training providers who are looking to move from classroom based training to either blended or online learning.

I also pull together 'mock-ups' of units to help inspire our lecturers and potential external 'clients' as well as contribute to help sites built using Moodle:

I have also created my own course using a new platform called 'Versal. Please feel free to have a look at 'Technology Enhanced Learning for Dance' - a self-directed course on how to use tech to support the teaching of dance at university.


I have both a PGCert in Teaching in Post Compulsory Education and Training as well as a PGCert in Blended Learning. The knowledge gained from both of these courses and the experience of teaching in FE and Vocational Training has helped me to become key member of the Learning Technologies team giving advice and guidance to our staff.

I also have two Staff & Educational Development Association (SEDA) awards for 'Embedding Blended Learning Technologies' and 'Supporting Learning with Technology'.



I was part of the first Mahara project group at Solent (December 2008) looking into how ePortfolios could support PDP. Since then I have actively been promoting Mahara both internally and externally at conferences, workshops, case studies and often offer support via forums, twitter, skype and google hangouts as well as training sessions arranged by local colleges.

I was also invited to be a Technical Reviewer for the Mahara 1.4 Cookbook written by Ellen Marie Murphy and published by PACKT, something I'm very proud of.

Mahara support guides developed by me:



One of my first assignments when joining the Learning Technology Unit was to support my late colleague Lorry West with his Turnitin project. Lorry had been piloting Turnitin throughout the 2008/09 academic year and needed assistance with developing help materials for those about to join the second stage of the pilot which included an online helpsite, leaflets and required that I also went into classrooms to demo the software and talk about plagiarism.

In January 2011 Turnitin via Moodle was adopted as the main submission point for all written assignments for the whole of Solent. As a team we only had 8 weeks to develop materials to support all staff and students with using it. This involved building staff & student online training sites (with videos) and hands-on workshops.


Social Media & Web Tools

I am an keen user of Social Media and web tools and can often be seen promoting their uses to staff and students here at Solent.  Whether it's connecting with eLearning Specialists around the world or those interested in primitive archery, I use these networks to share new information and to build friendships that may lead to new opportunities.

Below is a generic presentation that I use during a workshop I facilitate with students.


Research Activity

I very much enjoy attending workshops and events about Technology Enhanced Learning and have even presented at a few of them. I have been an invited speaker at many JISC RSC South East  events such as Moodle Forums, Mahara Fest, eLearning fairs and am regularly invited to speak at local FE College Teaching & Learning events.

I have also spoken at National Events such as PELeCon, MoodleMoot, Mahara UK and was invited to speak at and facilitate a workshop for JISC Netskills about the use of ePortfolios in education.

You can see what I've done in regards to presenting and writing by going to my account below: