Call for Mahara case studies on employability-focussed assessments

Call for Mahara case studies on employability-focussed assessments


We at Southampton Solent University have been spending time looking at how employability and personal development can be fostered and enhanced through the use of an ePortfolio and one of the biggest 'wins' for us has been the ways in which our academics have redesigned their assessment briefs to incorporate activities that involve the use of Mahara.

I aim to gather together great examples from around the world of the different ways in which Mahara is being used for personal and career development as part of an assessment. This could be for any level of study: Primary, Secondary, Further and Higher Education. This could also include work-based learning qualifications where the teachers can set their own assessments, targets and goals.


The call:

I am looking for case studies on employability-focussed assessments using Mahara that could include:

  • Mahara for the recording of personal development
  • Mahara for career development planning
  • Creation of ‘Shop window’ websites using Mahara

I’m appealing for you to send me a Mahara page or collection with your college/university/WBL provider’s case study(s)



What I would like is for case studies from institutions to be sent to me so that I can collate them into one central repository that the whole world can access.

  • Each case study to be displayed in a Mahara page
  • If a uni/teacher has more than 1 case study then they should be grouped into a collection
  • The assessment/assignment brief/task must be made available
  • Evidence of impact, feedback and examples of student portfolios must be shown

Send your links to:



  1. I am hoping to build a Mahara page that will link to all of the case studies sent to me. All authors/owners will be attributed and will have full ownership of the data contained in the pages. 

  2. I also aim to produce a written paper/presentation on the different ways Mahara is being used around the world for employability, personal and career development.

  3. If there's time, I'd like to pull together a 'Teacher's Toolkit' that they can use to help them to use Mahara to embed employability, personal and career development into their curriculum.

MA Research Plan

Email Sam Taylor to let her know what you're intending on doing

Send Sam a link to your mahara page/collection. An exported HMTL website zip-file must also be sent along with the URL

A Mahara page will be created to act as a gateway to all case studies

It is hoped that a toolkit will be developed for all teachers to use

Highlights of project to be disseminated at Mahara UK 2015