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Why am I using myPortfolio?

Lecturers have chosen myPortfolio as your assessment tool to allow you to go beyond what is possible in MS Word. The word 'portfolio' (according to Wikipedia) describes 'a collection of assets' - myPortfolio is for you to group and present your work as one document.

You may want to present various forms of media that support your reflections and evidence your skills in action e.g. you may decide to film yourself participating in an event you've organised that shows that you're putting your new knowledge & skills into practice. You may have collected and created photographs, certificates, audio files, videos, websites, blogs, online articles etc that can be embedded/linked to on your page.

Have a look at the 'What is an ePortfolio?' guide via the link below to give you a better understanding of myPortfolio:

> What is an ePortfolio?

> See examples of ePortfolios


Where do I start?

As with any assessment, you should start off by looking at the brief, marking criteria and marking rubric, then plan how you will present what is being asked of you. When working on your assessment you'll probably include a start, a number of middle sections, a conclusion, finally followed by references. You can view our advice on planning on the next page (or you can go there now via the link below):

> Building your Portfolio


But it seems so difficult?

Being able to overcome complex systems and improve your digital skills is vital for your future careers. Be brave, use the resources on offer to you and give it a go!
Imagine if everyone gave up when they found things too hard...

The Future is Ours from Michael Marantz on Vimeo.


Is the content private? Who can see it?

myPortfolio is supported and maintained by Solent on campus - all of your data is held on our servers and can be deleted upon request by you and you only.

The work you create, upload and display to myPortfolio is private by default until you decide to make it visible. The only exception to this rule is whatever content you have on your profile page. Your profile page is visible to everyone at Southampton Solent University and acts as an online representation of you, your skills, and your attributes. You can use this page to promote your skills to potential employers or to advertise your desire to collaborate with others on projects.

Finding your profile page:
When you first log-in your profile will be empty (save for your name) and full of boxes that you will need to edit. Why don't you have a look at it? Click on your name in the top right-hand corner of this page (if you're logged in)


Who do I contact for help?

If you don't understand your assessment or don't understand what is being asked of you then you should go and speak to your tutor. If you're having technical issues then you should email